Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England


Tree: YOUNG, Richard Perry
Latitude: 52.1460686111111, Longitude: -2.02780013888889


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lucy  Abt 1202Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England I10984 YOUNG, Richard Perry 
2 DE COMPTON, Prudence  Abt 1224-1235Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England I10973 YOUNG, Richard Perry 
3 DE COMPTON, Robert  Abt 1198Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England I10983 YOUNG, Richard Perry 
4 DE THROCKMORTON Miss  Abt 1177Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England I17188 YOUNG, Richard Perry 
5 DE THROCKMORTON, Giles  Abt 1292-1312Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England I10967 YOUNG, Richard Perry 
6 DE THROCKMORTON, John  Abt 1322-1337Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England I4365 YOUNG, Richard Perry 
7 DE THROCKMORTON, Richard  Abt 1326-1341Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England I17181 YOUNG, Richard Perry 
8 DE THROCKMORTON, Robert Baron of Throkemertone  Abt 1224-1231Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England I10972 YOUNG, Richard Perry 
9 DE THROCKMORTON, Robert Lord of Throkemerton  Abt 1268-1280Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England I10965 YOUNG, Richard Perry 
10 DE THROCKMORTON, Thomas  Abt 1324-1339Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England I17180 YOUNG, Richard Perry 
11 THROCKMORTON, Agnes  Abt 1422Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England I4309 YOUNG, Richard Perry 
12 THROCKMORTON, Eleanor or Alinore  Abt 1414Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England I4312 YOUNG, Richard Perry 
13 THROCKMORTON, Elizabeth  Abt 1424Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England I4372 YOUNG, Richard Perry 
14 THROCKMORTON, Jane  Abt 1426Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England I17175 YOUNG, Richard Perry 
15 THROCKMORTON, John  Abt 1413Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England I4366 YOUNG, Richard Perry 
16 THROCKMORTON, Margarett  Abt 1419Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England I4369 YOUNG, Richard Perry 
17 THROCKMORTON, Maud or Matilda  Abt 1417Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England I4370 YOUNG, Richard Perry 
18 THROCKMORTON, Sir Thomas  Abt 1356Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England I4358 YOUNG, Richard Perry 
19 THROCKMORTON, Thomas Sir Knight  Abt 1412Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England I4367 YOUNG, Richard Perry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 DE THROCKMORTON, Robert Baron of Throkemertone  1306Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England I10972 YOUNG, Richard Perry 
2 DE THROCKMORTON, Simon  1315Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England I10968 YOUNG, Richard Perry 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 DE THROCKMORTON / DE COMPTON  Abt 1244-1250Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England F4636 YOUNG, Richard Perry 
2 GIFFORD / THROCKMORTON  Abt 1448Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England F3708 YOUNG, Richard Perry